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Order Meals

Please submit this form by 5pm on Saturday evening to receive meals on the upcoming Monday, or indicate a future Monday date you would like to receive meals on. 

All orders are to be picked up unless delivery plans have been made with us in advance. Deliveries may require an additional fee. Orders will be available for pickup by 2pm on Monday afternoons and are to be picked up by Tuesday at 5pm. If you are new to ordering from us you will receive a text with pickup address and directions. 

Payment for the total price of your order can be paid via venmo to @Bridgette-Wolleat anytime between when you submit your order and when you receive it. If you do not have venmo, text us to make other plans 806-341-8217


We use glass containers which are to be returned each week when you pick up your new order or at the end of the week if you will not be ordering the following week. A fee will be charged for unreturned containers.

Place your order. Check all the meals you want to receive this week.

Thanks for submitting your order! We will reach out via text if we have any questions. Questions for us? Text or call us at 806-341-8217.

Ordering Details



Medium meals are 3-4 servings

Large meals are 5-6 servings

Example: 3 medium meals would be 9-12 servings

Example: 3 large meals would be 15-18 servings


2 medium - $195

2 large - $250


3 medium- $275

3 large - $350


4 medium - $350

4 large - $450


Desserts $30 each 


We have a rotating menu, consisting of a variety of meals, including those listed on the homepage. If you order from us weekly, you will enjoy a variety of meals over time. If you have meals or ingredients you particularly love, let us know, along with any food allergies and foods you don't include in your diet. 


If you choose a dessert/s, please choose from the following list (or text us about a specific desert you would like).
Fudge brownies, cacao dipped cake bites, chocolate chip cookies, raspberry “cheesecake”, chocolate walnut cookies, coconut ice cream sandwiches, peanut butter chocolate cookies, pumpkin cake "cream cheese" frosting

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